digital fabric

Digital fabric is a collection of images and video generated using video feedback. Displays and cameras vary between pieces.

A tool was created to assist in calibrating cameras to displays, using AR tracking markers to estimate the size and position of the display relative to the camera. AR can be used to acquire a general estimate that can be adjusted by hand, and allows for quick experimentation with video feedback.

This tool is available at

Technologies used:, TouchDesigner, OBS, AR.js, WebGL, Three.js

Digital mediums are more analog than they are given credit for. Sensors, screens, and software all have quirks that are ironed out and flattened when distilled into consumer electronics. digital fabric is a project that summons these quirks and frames them, creating spectacle out of the personalities of electronic components. When the color range of camera sensors meets the color reproduction of screens, chaos ensues, elongated and modulated by the fluctuating latency of the software driving the feedback. The resulting images are an ebb and flow of light and color, sparked by initial conditions and driven by the character of the technologies combined with physical variables such as sensor alignment and ambient light.